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Kolding Youth School is a public organisation working with youngsters of the municipality of Kolding in the age group between 10-24 years of age.

What we do

We offer a broad range of services to the youngsters, including:

  • Formal schooling for youngsters with special needs and bilingual youngsters.
  • Non-formal courses and classes that allows youngsters to develop themselves educationally, professionally, personally and socially. This is courses and classes teaching languages, sports, music, dancing, styling, creative courses and much more.
  • Youth Clubs (13-18 years of age) that provide the youngsters a place to interact with each other as well as a physical frame for their activities and projects.
  •  Junior clubs (10-13 years of age) that provide the same as youth clubs only for a younger age group.
  • Special events and activities that allow the youngsters to strengthen their social competences being for example outdoor activities such as sailing, mountain biking and rappelling, competitions in everything from sports to computer games and in general activities that bring youngsters together.
  • International activities including exchanges with partners all over Europe.  We also host our own international activities called “Summercamp” and we are a popular organisation for foreign organisations and groups to visit.

If you have any questions about our international activities please contact us by e-mail youth@(if you can see this please update your browser)

You can also find us on facebook and follow us on snapchat (Kolding_YS).

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